Top 10 myths and illusions in Software Testing

Foredragsholder: Lloyd Roden
Trondheim: 21. august // Oslo: 28. september

Lloyd and SOCO are happy to invite you to another joint breakfast seminar. Join us as Lloyd debunks myths and illusion – you don’t want to miss this!

Under the guidance of a master magician, illusions can be fun and entertaining. Governed by the right circumstances, cultural myths can lead to better lifestyles. However if myths and illusions exist within our organisation concerning the projects we work on, then these will distort the truth and ultimately limit testing’s effectiveness and efficiency.

A myth that we can so often encounter is “software quality is achieved through testing”, whilst this is partly true, I believe that it is dangerous to rely solely on testing and explain why other methods are crucial in striving to achieve better quality software. One illusion that is prominent in most organisations today is “outsourcing is cost effective”, yet very few companies can prove this (or even want to prove this). I will uncover some disturbing case studies that expose the harm and long-term damage that this illusion can cause. 

Join me as I unveil my list of top 10 myths and illusions that we have to face as testers and test managers. Whilst it is important to identify them as they appear, I will describe ways to reduce their impact or how to eliminate them completely so that we become ultra effective test professionals who are listened to and respected within our projects and organisations. 

About Lloyd Roden
With more than thirty five years in the software industry, I have worked as a Developer, Test Analyst and Test Manager for a variety of different organisations. My passion is to enthuse, excite and inspire people in the area of software testing and I have enjoyed opportunities to speak at various conferences throughout the world including STAREAST, STARWEST, EuroSTAR, AsiaSTAR, Belgium Testing Days and Better.

Lloyd and SOCO have collaborated for several years with joint client activities and seminars.  Starting next year, we will also work together to provide training and certification. 

Oslo, Hotel Bristol

Kristian IV's gate 7
Torsdag 28. september
kl 08.30 – 10.00

Påmelding Oslo, Hotel Bristol

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